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Family Therapy

Family Counseling with Amber Lassally LGSW LLC in Annapolis MD

Fee: $165 per session
Insurance payments not accepted at this time, please refer to insurance policy for more information

If you would like Amber to contact you to discuss booking a family therapy session you may call 410-919-4904 ext. 1 or provide your contact information below. 

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Family therapy supports your family relationships in such a way that eases tension and helps your family grow as a family and as individuals. It is designed to decipher the family interactions that contribute to mental health issues as well as behavioral problems that can reveal themselves through one single member of the family. 

Your current family and living situation heavily influence how you experience your day-to-day life. Issues such as communication problems, personality conflicts, and stressful events can tend to break families apart rather than bring them together. 


Amber structures family therapy services using family systems thinking, recognizing every family member has an emotional need to be interconnected with one another and with their surroundings. She recognizes that the outside influences each family member brings to the group may cause strain on the family as a whole. Family therapy can help your family flourish by tackling everyday stressors while exploring the root of the problem. 

In family therapy all family members are encouraged to attend. Some families may benefit from including multiple generations in their sessions. If you decide to embark on this journey with your family, Amber considers it a privilege to support your journey.

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