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Fee: $60 per session

Insurance payments not accepted at this time, please refer to insurance policy for more information

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Counseling in a small group setting can help you feel less alone. It connects you with others who are going through similar struggles, creating an environment of social support and encouragement

Groups usually are made up of four to ten members who meet weekly for a set number of sessions (usually three to eight). Some groups focus on specific topics or problems while others address multiple concerns. 

Confidentiality in group counseling is critical to ensure a safe, respectful environment for all group members. Each group member must sign an agreement to adhere to confidentiality rules. Members agree that they will not discuss group, including names or description of members, outside of group. 

Group counseling is a very effective means of treatment and, for many people, the best form of treatment. In a group, you can:

  • Discover you are not alone in the difficulties you are experiencing

  • Increase self-awareness by learning more about how others perceive you

  • Benefit from the experience of being helpful to others

  • Learn to express your feelings and ideas to others constructively

  • Feel a sense of acceptance and belonging

  • Hear ideas from others that will improve your decision-making and problem-solving skills

  • Gain encouragement by observing others’ successes

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